Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Track Day at Colerne

Did my first open pit track day at Colerne Airfield with Motor-Sport Events... what a blast!
Will post some photos when I get hold of them.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Top Gear Review of Tuncan

Just found this great video clip of Tiff Needell reviewing the Tuscan when it first came out. Whilst not my actual car it is exactly the same spec and colour. Fantastic.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On Saturday 13th May 2006 I went and did a http://www.motorsport-events.com/ Academy day, along with Jon (Porsche C4S) and Tim (BMW M5) at the former US airbase in Heyford (near Bicester). This covered elements like emergency avoidance, a small timed circuit, car balance, understeer/oversteer and finished with 10-15 minutes of track day. This last bit was by far the best and even on a coned airfield circuit I was still able to get up to over 90mph. Notable cars in our group included a Noble, Elise and Exige.

Better still, I was awarded driver of the day (not sure how) and so will get my next track day for free!!!

A great day that I can thoroughly recommend to any inexperienced petrol heads like us.

So it finally happened.....

So when I started this blog it was designed to be a record of owning my first TVR… to keep check on how often “she” breaks down and how much the repairs cost me over the years. But I’ve had nothing to post. Nadda. Just months of immense fun blatting around the country.

But finally it had to happen. The 3rd May 2006 wasn’t a particularly hot day (but a TVR one none the less!) and stuck in traffic on the way to work the water temperature went up to 102°C! Not good, some steam visible from the bonnet. Once the traffic was moving it went down but basically neither of the two radiator cooling fans were cutting in (usually they do at approx 91 and 94). She did get me to work still though. (As a side note my BMW broke down approx 1 week before the Tiv did!).

So having bought the top of the range AA cover I gave them a bell. Within 45 minutes a patrol guy had arrived, who thankfully didn’t want to touch it and called the flatbed in. Soon she was winging her way to Racing Green without me, where Martin wove his usual magic and in 2 days she was like new. The new thermostat (and possibly new temperature sensor?) were covered by the warranty so it was a big fat zero added to the running costs total.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A day out at Snetterton with the "family"

Took my TVR down to the Monster Meet at Snetterton on Saturday 3rd September 2005.

Maybe if I'd gone out on the track it would have been more exciting (but a long walk home if I'd blown the engine!) but I was a bit disappointed. Some more general TVR stalls would have been nice... I wanted a TVR coat etc not a NOX kit! The one stall I would have bought from (an Accumate battery charger from Leven) didn't have any stock with them. Plop.

Still it was a nice run to near Norwich and back with the roof off! Here are the photos...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Did I tell you I bought a TVR Tuscan?